BioLite Solar Home System 620+

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Solar-Powered Light, Charging & Radio

The SolarHome 620+ brings modern lighting, energy, and entertainment to transform any structure into an off-grid home. The easy-to-install solar panel captures daily sun to charge up a central control box which powers 3 hanging lights, USB charge-out, and a FM radio system. BioLite's first-crossover product, the SolarHome 620+ is currently in use in over 100,000 homes across western Kenya. Perfect for vans, sheds, or the next power outage, the system comes packed in a kit the size of a shoebox.

  • 6W solar panel connects to 23 Wh Control Box
  • 3 overhead lights, one with motion sensor
  • Wall-mounted switches control hanging lights
  • Control Box plays FM radio & provides charge out
  • 18ft daisy-chainable cables for multi-room lighting

6 Watts, 23 Watt Hours

SolarHome's name comes from the 6-watt solar panel and 20 watt hour battery inside the control box that keeps the whole system running. An Integrated LED display provides real-time feedback on your sun strength and power available.

Full Features

  1. Solar Panel
    6 watt panel provides power to your system
  2. Wall Mounted Control Box
    Monitor your power, charge devices and play music
  3. Hanging Light x2
    Use wall mounted switch to adjust to 3 levels of brightness
  4. Motion Sensor Light
    Security mode saves power and can alert you of passersby