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Swift truly builds one of the most functional and beautiful paddle crafts on the market.  We love being a Swift dealer and would love to meet you and discuss Swift boats.  Even better, we’d love to get you out on the water with a free private demo.  Please come by the shop, or give our staff a call at 337 232 5854 and we can discuss all the options.  We’ll handle your Swift purchase from start to finish and make sure that you get the perfect boat of a lifetime.       The newest offering in the Cruiser series, the 15.8 prioritizes speed and efficiency for unparalleled performance. The Cruiser 15.8 offers enough interior volume for longer trips with plenty of gear, but handles exceptionally well when unloaded as well. Interweaving the series signature C1 racing features like tucked-in gunwales at the paddling station and the sharp entry and exit lines of a K1 kayak, the Cruiser 15.8 is a true hybrid. Even with its desire for speed, the medium width offers excellent stability and provides comfort in larger water. Whether you’re an expedition tripper or a recreational enthusiast looking to maximize your potential, the Cruiser 15.8 is made for adventure. 

Standard Options: Carbon Kevlar Trim, Carbon Seat Base, Cherry Handles & Thwarts and Carbon Decks, High Back Seat with Lumbar Support, Adjustable Kayak Foot Braces 

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Length: 15'8" Gunwale Width: 24.5" Maximum Width: 28.5" Waterline Width: 26" Centre Depth: 11.5" Bow Rocker: 2" Stern Rocker: 1"