Hiker's Brew Pre-Ground Adventure Coffee Packet

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The Venture Pouch is a convenient compostable package filled with fresh ground coffee. It's small enough to store in your pack or pocket! Enjoy a great quality cup of coffee on your next adventure or add some ease to your morning and skip measuring for a cup of fresh goodness at home or the office. 

The Venture Pouch is pre-ground coffee that needs to be brewed as you normally would brew a cup of coffee at home. Hiker's Brew likes brewing Venture Pouches with a Pour Over, Aero Press, French Press, or Percolator to name a few options. 

With one Venture Pouch, you can brew 2-4 cups of coffee using the ground coffee inside the package. This of course depends on the brew strength and amount of water ratio you use when brewing the coffee. Everyone has their own personal preference!