Unlimited 12.5 Kayak w/ 360 Seat

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In the UNLIMITED….yes you can. This kayak was designed to blow through obstacles and give you control. A solid open deck with unlimited rig-ability. A remarkable hull design that is fast AND stable, prepared for any waters. Plug & Play ready for pedals, power, and electronics. The UNLIMITED takes you to the future of kayak fishing & hunting.

Length: 12’6″

Width: 41″

Height: 12-17″

Draft: 3-5″

Hull Weight: 84 lbs

Primary Seating: 1-2 Ppl

Junior Seating: 1 (Opt)

Max Weight: 650 lbs

Self-Bailing Cap: 400 lbs

Max Power: 2.5HP

Rugged | Rear Handle

There When You Need It…

Enjoy a clean open deck with the ability to combine the UNLIMITED with the all-new 2021 Gear Pod! Fully removable storage solution to maximize organization while still protecting your deck space. 

NEW | Tarpon Drainage System

Revolutionary Dry Deck Design…

With an unprecedented seven scupper hole standard and TARPON drainage channels you’ll enjoy an open deck free from pooling or sitting water!

UNLIMITED | Outfitting

Fully Adaptable Aluminum TL Railing…

With over 22′ of Aluminum Freedom Track, you can truly customize on the fly! Secure Mighty Knobs mid-track with ease. Outfit your deck with confidence. 

Built-in Wiring Access |  Propulsion

Just the way you need it…

Customizable wiring access points and full compatibility with all NuCanoe propulsion options!

The Fusion Seat delivers superior comfort and support all day long.  The fabric and frame are fused together for consistent tension and no sagging. Features a recumbent seat bottom and adjustable seatback.  Fusion Base is rock solid.  Super simple assembly.