Wildflowers of Louisiana

Charles Allen
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Louisiana Wildflower Guide covers many of the common and some uncommon or even rare wildflower species. The 251 page book will be useful in identifying plants not only in Louisiana but also throughout the southeast from Texas to the Carolinas. More than 500 color photos are included and are the culmination of the years of photography by Ken Wilson. The text is a product of the lifetime botanical quests of Dr. Charles Allen. 

A set of charts that will narrow down your choices by several characteristics including flower color, habitat, leaf arrangement, and leaf type will facilitate the identification of genera. Generic and species descriptions are included and are detailed enough for usefulness but not too long and cumbersome. 

Tips for the identification of many species are included in the descriptions. For each species, the flowering dates, habitat, and distribution are given. A glossary, plant anatomy line drawings, and index close out the book.